PTE Important Tips

27 jun 2023

PTE Exam Tips For The Speaking Section
PTE Speaking Exercise

Speak fluently.

Use a natural pace: Do not rush just because you want to sound fast and fluent.
Proper intonation: Stop at full stops and pause at commas. If you read a question, raise your voice at the end.
Be authentic: Do not try to fake an accent to sound more like an English speaker.
Focus on pronouncing the words properly and sounding clear.
Stress level: Learn more about what it is and how much stress level you can put on each word.
Try to pay close attention to the way native English pronounce words through movies and audio clips.

Need help pronuncing words? Use our dictionary mode.

Practice flow: it means that when you try to converse in the English language and make a mistake, you should not interrupt your flow and keep speaking.
Make sure your voice is audible enough for the microphone to understand you clearly and set up the microphone properly

PTE Exam Tips For The Writing Section
PTE Writing Exercise

Time Management: Make sure you keep track of time while you are solving the writing section.
Learn to write a pte essay from a template.
Keep five minutes to revise all the mistakes you made in the whole section.

PTE Exam Tips For The Reading Section
PTE Reading Exercise

Highlight Key Points: When you read through the whole section, make sure to remember where are the key passages.
When you read, make sure you can hear yourself (in your head). This helps you keep a high focus level.
Skim until you find a key area that share similarities with the question. From there slow down and read carefully.
Pay attention to every instruction and question before you begin answering.

PTE Exam Tips For The Listening Section
PTE Listening Exercise

Don't waste time: Audio files will have pauses that last 5 to 7 seconds. If you don't know the answer. Don't wait. Go to the next question.
Be quick: Answer as you go. As soon as you know the answer, type it while remaining focused on the playing tape

Final PTE Exam Tips Before Taking The Exam.

Read all test instructions carefully: It can be a huge mistake not to read the instructions. Be sure you know what you are required to do before you begin. Is there a single correct answer? Or multiple answers? Does the essay prompt contain 2 questions or only one? If there are 2 questions and you only answer one, your response is incomplete, which will affect your score.

Slow down, relax: During your test, you may feel rushed when you see the timer on the screen resulting in making mistakes. Remember to breath deeply and slowly.

Get enough sleep: Make sure you get enough sleep the night before the test. Once the test starts you will not have much time to relax or regain lost focus.
Do not forget your passport: Prepare your passport the night before the exam to not stress out before the exam.

Take your optional break: You will be allowed a 10-minute break after the Reading Section. Make sure to take it.

Dont focus on background noise: The center will be crowded, it may get noisy, especially during the speaking part. Are you worried about that? Activate the background noise available in PTE Success to get used to it.

Use your notepad: You are given a notepad, make use of it for the more demanding exercises.

Capital Letters and Punctuation: Make sure you use them everywhere. Especially in write from dictation otherwise you will loose unnecessary marks.


While it is true that many of these tips are obvious, many students aren't aware of them. These simple tips might be just what you need to get a pass instead of a fail. I hope this article will help you with getting a better result on your next exam.

If you use other effective strategies that we haven't covered in this article, write them in the comment sections so that we can all learn about them.

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