Best Tips to Score 79+

25 jun 2023

Tips to Score 79+ in All Sections of PTE Academic

Scoring high can be a bit of a task in all the sections of the PTE Academic exam. To ensure high scoring, you need to follow some tips. These tips are very helpful when you are aiming for a higher score.

1. Keep Your Answers Simple

While answering the questions of any section, one thing that you should keep in mind is to keep your answers simple. When you keep your answers simple, the examiner can understand the exact meaning and the intent of your answer. The language you use in your answer always matters. Do not use very complicated words making it difficult for the examiner to understand.

2. Improve Vocabulary

Use advanced words. To make an impression on the examiner, always make sure you are using some simple and advanced words. There should be a balance between how much you are using these words. Keep a check on the density of words.

3. Write in the Correct Sequence

Always make sure you are writing in the correct sequence in any section of the exam. The incorrect sequence of an answer makes it difficult and completely changes the meaning of the sentence. To communicate correctly, write it in the correct sequence.

4. Keep Your Answers Short

No one likes to read the long paragraphs that are written to you in answers and that's a hard-hitting truth. Writing long paragraphs to make the examiner understand will not help anyone. The examiner will get easily bored and may skip the important part of your answer. When you keep your answers concise with correct words.

5. Use Your Time Wisely

Always use your time wisely and plan your answer. Take around 5 minutes to make a structure and plan your answer carefully. This will surely save you time after and will save you to write those long comprehensive paragraphs which can only confuse the reader.

6. Know Your Mistake and Practice Them

Always know your weak points while writing and practice to improve on them. It is often said "Practice makes the man perfect", and it's correct. When you are going to practice repeatedly on your mistakes, it will prevent you from doing the same during the exam.

7. Choose Wisely Your Sources For Preparation

The source from which you are preparing for the exam is very important. Know your syllabus and what you want to study before choosing the preparation material. The material which you are choosing often shapes your mind and helps you to prepare for the exam.

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